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by Anna Mace

Top Tips to Drive Sales on Your Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce has undoubtedly helped a whole bunch of businesses around the world. We’ve all heard about ecommerce success stories...

Top Tips to Drive Sales on Your Ecommerce Website
Increasing online sales

...from the lady selling her baked goods online to the fashion designer who now has a million-pound empire. But what about you? What about your ecommerce enterprise? If you feel that your ecommerce enterprise needs a bit of a boost in sales, then this one’s for you: here are some top tips to drive sales on your ecommerce website.

Speed it up

You’ve probably heard it before, but we’re saying it again. In fact, we can’t emphasise it enough: speed it up. Even the experts confirm it. According to Adobe, you can lower your site’s rates of abandonment by as much as 41 percent if you just make your site faster. Google, meanwhile, has also confirmed that an increase of 30 percent in your page’s loading speeds can result in an equal 30 percent increase in your sales. You can start with a faster and speedier hosting package, for one. Don’t be stingy with this – it’s a necessity if you don’t want your site to fall out of the wagon. One other tip: if you want your loading times to be faster, reduce the size of your pages and images.

Answer them

Another simple but somehow unheard of way to boost your sales is to give your customers more information about your products. Don’t just provide them with a single image and leave it at that. For instance, why not let your visitors zoom in on the product? You can also benefit from imparting more information about the product, such as how to use it properly, how to make it last longer, and so on. Have as much info about the product as you can so people will be more encouraged to buy it. Invest in better descriptions and product details, and you’ll quickly see the results.

Pay attention to your payment methods

Needless to say, PayPal is the way to go when it comes to online shopping payment methods. If your site doesn’t accept PayPal yet, now is the time to make a change. Some shoppers have extra credit on Paypal, perhaps from selling something on eBay, getting paid, or for other reasons. Because of this extra credit, they are more likely to shop with sites that accept PayPal. By accepting such a payment method, you could increase your sales by as much as 10%.

Establish trust

Make your customers trust you. You have to establish trust with the customer, and how do you do this? It’s simple. Display your contact information on every page. Respond quickly – either to telephone calls or emails. Display logos of your membership to trade associations and bodies, and display a photo of your premises or your staff to promote customer confidence.

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