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by Anna Mace

Preventing Your Customers from Abandoning their Baskets

For sure, you’ve spent precious amounts of time trying to attract customers and get them to buy from your online shop. These marketing efforts are crucial.

Preventing Your Customers from Abandoning their Baskets
How to stop shoppers abandoning their basket before checking out

But what about the time when your customers are already in your site and are shopping for your products? What happens then? There is such a thing as CRO, or conversion rate optimisation, which deals with improving your customers’ experience once they are on your site. One of the major issues covered by CRO is shopping cart abandonment. As you may already be aware, shopping cart abandonment occurs when a customer has already placed something on their basket only to ‘abandon’ their basket and not continue to the checkout at the end.  

Finding out what’s wrong

Before you begin hashing out a plan to improve your customers’ shopping experience, you should first try to find out what’s wrong with your checkout process. One way to do this is by setting up a feature in Google Analytics which tracks your visitors’ progress from beginning (when they fill up their basket) to end (when they enter their delivery info along with their payment info). For this, you may need help from your website developer so you can track everything in the proper way. Once your tracking is set up, you can keep a closer eye on what’s happening in your ordering and checkout process and even find out how many of your customers created their baskets and then chose to abandon them in the end. 

Making improvements to your shopping cart

There are many reasons why shoppers ‘abandon’ their shopping cart, ranging from deciding to consult their partners regarding the purchase before they buy to simply making a ‘wish list’ of products they want for the future. But whatever the reason, you can still benefit from making improvements to your shopping cart. 

What you can do is use the shopping cart yourself. Analyse it from your customers’ standpoint. Is it confusing?  Is it properly updated? It is slow? Are the buttons for navigation clear? Once you find out the answers to these questions, it will be easier to make the necessary changes. 

In general, if you want to improve your shopping cart’s performance, one thing you can do is make the pricing of the delivery clear and straightforward. Another way to improve your shopping cart experience is to not force visitors to register or create an account. 

Additionally, provide customers with multiple options for payment, such as PayPal (already a standard), but also Amazon or even bitcoin. You can also add a postcode finder to your checkout process, as well as make sure that mobile shoppers have an easier time shopping by triggering text entry boxes to the right keyboard, such as when the shopper is typing in a telephone number, the number keypad will automatically appear.

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