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by Anna Mace

How to Really Maximise Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Your Site and Business

As a business striving to make it in the increasingly competitive online arena, you need to advertise.

How to Really Maximise Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Your Site and Business
Maximising your PPC return on investment

And this is where pay-per-click advertising comes in. But sadly, not many entrepreneurs really know how to maximise its potential for their site and business. They jump into a PPC campaign without taking the time to analyse what they really need to do in order to optimise its profits. Some businesses think that as long as they shell out the money for it, it will come (If you build it, they will come). Well, it’s not that simple. Here’s how to really maximise pay-per-click advertising for your site and business.

How it works

You need to have a basic understanding of how pay-per-click advertising works. This is useful not only for beginners, but even for PPC campaign veterans. PPC works like this: Google and various search engines let you buy ad views on the different platforms they have on a pay-per-click model of pricing. The price will be computed based on the running ads as well as the amount of searches for a particular phrase or keyword. For example: a term such as ‘insurance’ may cost as much as £47 per click, which means that you will have to pay a search engine like Google £47 for each lead to your site. Not to worry, though – a term like ‘insurance’ is known for being the most costly keyword, so other keyword terms will not be so prohibitive. You can now utilise social media networks and videos for paid ads as well – so your options are increasing.

How to maximise it

  • Expand your keyword terms and phrases
  • Whilst it’s a good idea to base your PPC campaign on a specific keyword, you can broaden your PPC campaign’s potential by focusing not just on one keyword, but on a variety of them. Keywords such as ‘insurance,’ as mentioned above, are competitive – and highly expensive. But if you broaden and expand your keyword terms to include ‘insurance quote’, ‘car insurance’, ‘home insurance quotes’, and the like, you might have a better chance. You can even choose to have keyword phrases with five to seven words, such as ‘cheapest home insurance in London’ in order to reach a more specific demographic.

  • Reach out to the right customer
  • A few years back, search engines like Google began focusing not just on keyword term searches, but also on information about different customers. As a result, you can now take advantage of re-marketing lists for search ads, or RLSA. Basically, with RLSA, you can actually target and reach out to those customers who have already visited your site. The fact is that customers may actually visit your site a total of nine times prior to buying anything. So by targeting those who have already given your site a visit, you can up the ante as well.

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