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Designing Content that Drives Conversion to Your Site: What You Need to Know

Content. Most businesses have a rough understanding of it, but any marketing specialist will tell you that having the proper content can definitely be an asset to your business.

Designing Content that Drives Conversion to Your Site: What You Need to Know
Designing Content that Drives Conversion to Your Site

With the right content, you can encourage awareness for your brand and increase your engagement with your customers, resulting in a boost in profits as well. So what do you need to do in order to design content that drives conversion to your site? Let’s find out.

Make the most out of data

For most of us, data is considered static information – meaning, it’s useless. It doesn’t get optimised, and often gets lost in our digital files. But you need to change your conception of data. It’s actually quite fluid, if you look at in a different way. Nowadays, for instance, you can determine whether your customers appreciate white papers, or if they are attracted to videos. With this information, you can adjust your website’s pages by changing images, colours, adding videos, and basically changing your copy. By closely analysing data, you can create better content that adheres to your customers’ concerns as well as desires.

More bespoke content

With the data you have gathered, you can now create more bespoke content for your customers. In other words, you can make your content more personalised – more attuned to what it is your customers are actually looking for. In a study, it was shown that 56% of customers choose content which they find relevant. Utilise this. You have the option to create long blog posts, infographics, podcasts, and more – as long as they are what your customers want. And, by creating content that is not only relevant but highly informative as well, your customers can begin seeing you as a credible authority or source in your sector – and this results in better leads, more shares, and, ultimately, enhanced sales.

Offering better content

Whilst ‘how to’ and ‘top ten’ lists are always popular, it’s in your best interest to find out what type of content can really bring value to your business. The focus here is on quality rather than quantity. Diversify your content – add a few white papers, case studies, infographics along with your ‘top ten lists’ and ‘how-to guides.’ In order to provide better content, you need to first assess your existing content and figure out what your customers are drawn to. Are your customers attracted to content geared towards highly informative topics, or topics that are fun and quirky? Once you find out, it would also be worth your time finding out what your competitors are doing. What content do your competitors have?

Remember: the content you offer to your customers is not just to be viewed or read – you need to have it converted into actual leads and eventual profits. By focusing on quality rather than quantity and maximising the data you gather, you can go far indeed.

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